Team philosophy, production process aimed to the highest quality standards, serious professionalism: Global Systems means a staff of people ready to give the best of their professional value as well as utmost attention to customer’s need.

Born in January 2000, Global Systems is the result of a long time passion for images. On the director,s chair there is Gilberto Steccazzini, who boasts thirty years of commitment in the TV business.

After his technical degree, in 1979 he starts working behind the cameras of GRP Television. where he will become a high & low-frequency Technical Manager.

After a short experience as a technical and commercial manager in Ovrit Video and Ital TV, in 1989 hu joins Euphon.

Here he deepens his knowledge in broadcast equipment and becomes a Manager of the High Definition R&D department; at Barcelona’s Olympic Games of 1992 he carriers out a large number of HDTV-standard shooting as well as production of Japanese channel NHK.

Then, he start managing high-profile TV production projects. Among them: the 3 channel network SNAI: the Milan-based CFN channel, that broadcasts 24/7 on SKY Italia frequencies; the new “Città del Gusto” studios of the Roma-based Gambero Rosso TV channel; the “Virtual Reality & multimedia Park” Turin studios, the largest in Europe; the TV station “Telettutto” Brescia-based.

Since 2005, designs, 6 mobile production units, of which the last, biggest and most powerful of Italy, for the Global Production, where he is also CEO.

SMTP member, journalist, Gilberto Steccazzini alternates production activities and training course.

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